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Contemporary office interior design ideas

As work culture and needs evolved at the turn of the century, so did office design and architecture. The visible shift in the way companies do business, resulted in a change in the way offices were constructed and designed. Today, large open spaces, open plan seating, bright and vibrant colours and sleek forms are characteristic of contemporary office interiors.

At its heart, modern office design favours functionality and simplicity over heavy and ornate décor. It is an aesthetic that is rooted in the core principles of the modern workplace; productivity and efficiency. Its hallmarks are sleek contemporary furniture, a colour palette that leans towards cool tones and quirky accents that add character to the space.

To better understand the difference between classic and contemporary office interiors, let’s look at how commonly used spaces in the office have evolved over the years.

Contemporary Reception Interior

The Reception

  • Warm mood lighting has given way to bright white lights that communicate an aura of cool professionalism.
  • Furniture in modern office receptions is not designed to impose but to convey a welcoming vibe. Sleek, simple and comfortable furniture is smartly placed to put visitors at ease.
  • Wooden flooring, and a hint of colour is used to add subtle warmth and character.

The Conference Room

  • Large and dominating wooden tables have given way to those made of glass, light wood and stainless steel that create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Comfortable swivel chairs, or light chairs with unique shapes are used for optimum comfort and ergonomics.
  • Works of art are used to create a focal point, and inspire creativity in the room.
Turnkey conference room Interior Design
Modern Work Desk Interior Design

The Work Desk

  • Single desks and cubicles have largely been abandoned in favour of long tables and running desks; characteristics of an open plan office that encourages collaboration.
  • Widespread use of glass for partitions and office cabins instead of wood creates the illusion of a wide open space while encouraging transparency.
  • Lighting fixtures are used to further emphasise the illusion of a bright and open space.

Turnkey Interior design solutions, usually incorporate most of these design principles while customising them to reflect the character and personality of the firm. Keeping the work style of the company in mind, additional design ideas are incorporated to enhance efficiency within the workplace. The right interior design firm can seamlessly incorporate a company’s personality and ethos within its interior décor, crafting an office space that is modern and stylish yet completely unique.


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