“Whether you are an enterprise, a law firm or a digital marketing agency, we promise to create the best commercial interior design for your office based on your needs as well as that of your business.”


When designing corporate office interiors, the key is to strike a balance between styling and optimum space utilisation. Right from the entry through the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to office furniture design and lighting, every aspect of the corporate office should reflect the vision of the company. That’s exactly why we have the best commercial interior designers in Mumbai in our team.

At Nitido Design, our expert designers base your corporate office design on a thorough analysis of what you want and what your clients, employees and business associates are looking to experience when they enter your office. Our number one priority while undertaking a commercial interior design project is to understand what the company truly stands for and represent the same in the best conceivable way.

“We believe that the best office interior design is the one that not just catches the clients’ attention but also creates an efficient workplace for the employees and enhances their morale.”

In keeping with this, our office interior designers in Mumbai have closely worked with a number of multi-faceted companies in the city and pan India to curate some of the most remarkable corporate spaces.

When a real estate firm in BKC desired a commercial office space design exuding elegance and vibrancy, our top interior designers took up the challenge and went all in to give the client what he wanted. While we knew that incorporating natural light inside an office in Mumbai is not an easy task, we accomplished the same with the use of soft neutral tones of black, white, brown, blue and grey across the space.

Similarly, Zandra in Mulund wanted their corporate office interior design to have a distinctly modern look. We took inspiration from their tagline ‘Zeal for life’ and made use of common industrial materials like steel, glass and concrete to create a unique interior design that reflected their democratic organizational structure as well as encouraged innovative, new-age thinking among its occupants.

Office Interior Design

Industrial materials and geometric shapes give a young and modern feel to Zandra’s Mulund office

We understand that an office layout design needs to be in sync with the purpose and overall vibe of the space. For instance, while working on a creative office in Khar, we had some of our best commercial interior designers create an inspired office space that is tasteful and pragmatic yet distinctly original. A compact and elegant café and even a sleep pod were added to the office for late nights at work.

At our own office centrally located in Worli, we have proportioned well-lit spaces and added a natural indoor garden to give the space a light and fresh feel. There is also a relaxing café to provide a sense of wellness and inspiration. We take the same approach while designing any other office and place more emphasis on collective comfort and vitality over just some attractive commercial interior fit-outs.

Designing a retail store requires a very different approach than corporate office interiors. While working with a men’s clothing brand on their Mumbai outlets and pan-India expansion, our creative experts made sure that the materials, lights and textures used in interior design made the showrooms look inviting, without stealing the attention from its offerings. With a classic mid-century modern styling and luxury accents, every showroom is unique while still being true to the brand.

Best Commercial Interior Design

Teakwood adds warmth and a classic elegance to this showroom of Bombay Shirt Company in Kemps Corner

It was also a new experience for us to work on a multi-region project like Papacream Ice-cream Parlours. Our best interior designers put in their minds together to give the place an unmistakable visual identity and design it to be bright, fun and interactive with the use of unique design elements and pastel shades. Its outlets, designed by Nitido, are now present in Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Bangalore, Surat and Vizag.

Over the years, we have undertaken various projects – from sales offices to corporate spaces and what not in Mumbai including areas like Fort, Nariman Point and Deonar, and also in Thane and Pune. Every project we have worked on had a unique challenge, but our experts in modern office design always approached them with zeal, dedication and efficiency to deliver timely results par excellence.

Our experience of working on commercial projects of various scale, scope and requirements has made us one of the best commercial renovation and interior design companies in Mumbai today.