Commercial Interior Design in Mumbai

Commercial Interior Design

They say the first impression is the last impression, and this stands true especially for businesses. The office interior design says a lot about the company, so it is necessary to design it in the best possible way to impress clients and business associates. Right from the entryway through the reception and conference rooms, every corner of your office should reflect the vision of your company. That’s exactly what our interior designers at Nitido Design do.

Over the years our designers have closely worked with a number of multi-faceted companies offering different services. Each of these projects had a unique challenge and we approached them with zeal, dedication and efficiency. We offer comprehensive services to meet the demands of today’s businesses by responding to their business and leisure needs.

When a Real Estate Private Equity Firm located in BKC, Mumbai, desired an office space that had the unique union of elegance and cheerfulness, our expert office interior designer in Mumbai took up this challenge. Incorporating natural light inside an office space is a task that not many can accomplish, but with the use of soft neutral tones of blue, grey, black, white and brown we were able to meet the client’s expectations with ease. The office now reflects the nature of their business without obstructing the natural flow of light. Zandra in Mulund, Mumbai wanted their office to stand apart from the traditional look and feel of a corporate office. While working on this project the company’s tagline "“"Zeal for Life" helped us in creating an office space that had a democratic organizational structure and encouraged innovative thinking. With the use of common industrial materials like steel, glass and concrete we created a unique and vibrant office space that gave its occupants a zeal for life.

Designing a garment store requires a very different approach. While designing an Indian garment showroom in Mumbai, our creative experts placed more emphasis on the garments and designed the showroom in a way that it draws all the attention towards the central theme. The tone of colours, textures and lights made the space warm, cozy and inviting without stealing the attention from the garments. With minimal furniture and charming storage units, this space now has everything it needs including a traditional large mirror to complement the services offered by the client.

Apart from these, we have worked on a number of different projects and willingly take up unique projects every day. So, whether you are a law firm or a digital marketing agency, our experts will develop the best corporate office interior concept based on your needs as well as that of your business. With years of knowledge, savvy taste and advanced experience we are one of the best commercial interior design firms you will find in Mumbai.

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