The Quick and Easy Guide to Designing a Luxury Work From Home Office

By Maria Dinshaw | Sep 2021

The spaces we work in have changed dramatically over the course of the past year. Many of us transitioned to working from home and will continue to do so in the future. Are you craving to create a dedicated space away from distractions to focus on work? Do you need a home office that inspires productivity and creativity?

Nitido Design, one of the top residential interior designers in Mumbai, has your back. We have put together our favourite space-saving tricks, organizing hacks, and decorating tips from our decades-long experience in luxury interior design.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Designing your Luxury Work from Home Office

Pick a space

First things first, you need to pick a space. Find a spot in your home that is not cramped and has enough room for a chair, a desk, and some shelves. If you have an extra room to use as your home office, this is its time to shine! For urban dwellers in space-limited apartments, find a nook in your living room or kitchen to turn into a small but effective office. You can also get creative and use a big enough, unused closet for your work from home office. Learn more about how to design a small house here.

work from home office setup

Once you have chosen a space, make the most of it. Adapt a minimalist attitude. Your home office need not be sparse, but try to keep only the necessary things. Save space by going with a drop front desk, which you can pack up once Friday hits. If you have some more room to play with, put up a wall mounted desk so you can use the space underneath it! You can also check our article on using minimalism with luxury design.

Go light and bright

There are many ways to keep your space light and bright. The easiest way is placing your study table next to a window. Treat yourself to a nice view and some direct natural light, it will make the space feel fresh and spacious. If that is not possible, add warm lighting through compact desk lamps or overhead lights. We recommend innovative desk lights that come with a variety of lighting options. This way you can change the ambience of the room depending on your need. 

natural light

Another way to create ambience is through colour. Colours have a direct effect on your mood so set yourself up for success with the right paint choices. Go with a neutral palette of whites, beige, and grey to remove distraction and encourage serenity. Add pops of blues, purples, and greens to inspire creativity and foster optimism. 

Our philosophy is to get the space to work for you. Luxury interior home offices work best when designed to serve different purposes. Make a workspace that doubles as a study space for your kids or a hobby space for your weekend crafting!

Make it ergonomic

Most jobs have a considerable amount of desk work. This has only increased since meetings, networking, coffee chats, and pretty much everything else, went virtual. If you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, give your body the support it needs. Make your home office ergonomic.

Simply put, ergonomics is the science of designing products that fit the user. Invest in an ergonomic chair, keyboards, or complete work stations depending on your use and budget. This will help improve your posture, increase blood flow, and reduce pain and injuries that come from sitting for too long. Incorporate wellness into your work!

Get functional decor

Take it from a residential interior designer that has made several top quality home offices. Functional and aesthetic are not mutually exclusive. Get decor that adds value to your space and looks good doing it too! It can be in the smallest of details. Neon sticky notes for your to-do lists that add a pop of colour. Hanging book shelves that show off your literary collection in an organized manner. A contemporary metal wire organizer that tames the cord jungle and is a chic desk accessory. You can also go big. Paint your wall with chalkboard paint and transform it into a massive blackboard. Put up a cork wall and give yourself a whole wall for notes, photographs, and more!

Let your personality shine through

Put your favourite artworks or your kids’ paintings on display by hanging them over your desk. Place a soft wool rug underneath your feet to give you a little comfort during stressful work hours. Pick out fresh flowers for your desk or let nature in with a cute succulent – add some greens amidst the screens. Get quirky and add bold accents to your work space – a bright wallpaper, a miniature golf kit, travel trinkets. You let your personality shine through in the rest of your house. Why not do the same with your work from home office?

Like what you see? Reach out to Nitido Design for any and all luxury interior design questions!

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