What is wall treatment in interior design?

By Maria Dinshaw | Nov 2021

Wall treatments are a much used tool in luxury interior design. Walls quite literally make up the room and can play a huge role in setting the tone for the interior. Wall treatments allow us to play around with the aesthetic, look, and feel of the walls. It is an easy way to enhance the space and a deciding factor in the ambience of the room.

There are a myriad options for treatments for walls ranging from old-fashioned crown molding to luxurious fabrics to colourful ceramic tiles. When used correctly, they can make your interiors feel cozier, more elegant, or even more spacious. They can be used to create stain-resistant walls and soundproof walls. This is a useful tool indeed. So without further ado, let’s dig in!

Wall Treatments Guides For Residential Interiors

Decorative Painting

Painting is a simple enough wall treatment, but that does not mean you cannot have fun with it! There is a whole world of decorative painting that awaits. From painting florals and foliage onto a kitchen wall or doing fun murals in a child’s bedroom, decorative painting can add personality and life to a space. For something a little more glamorous, we are preferential to a gold leaf treatment. It creates a soft, delicate glow which is perfect for a cozy living room or bedroom. Glossy paints are a great tool for small houses as they reflect light creating an illusion of a larger, airier space.

Learn similar tips and tricks in our easy Step-by-Step Guide to Designing a Small House in 2021.


Perhaps, the second most popular wall treatment is wallpaper. A floral wallpaper in elegant colours such as powder blue, lilac, taupe, and light grey is perfect if you want to create a romantic vintage style home. Learn more about luxury vintage house design and how to include it in your home here. Wallpapers also help with creating texture in smaller spaces.

For a more modern look, choose wallpapers with smaller prints and neutral shades. You can also use darker wallpapers to create drama and depth. The advantage of wallpapers is that you can change it up more easily than paints. So, it allows you to showcase your personality without a long commitment!

Fabric and Upholstery

Fabric wall treatments create a sumptuous and luxurious feeling. You can cover whole walls or just a few panels with silk, linen, and cotton fabric wallpapers. Different fabrics give different textures to a room but they all create a cozy, cocooned interior which instantly feels like home. You can use plain fabrics for a clean look or incorporate fabrics with colours, patterns, and designs to add character. For home theatres or study rooms, upholstered walls can be padded to help reduce ambient noise as well.


You want to elevate a room to a graceful, contemporary luxury interior? Wood is the way to go! Wood panels come in so many shapes, sizes, textures, and colours that there is something for every taste. A plain, even-textured maple wood goes great in the bedroom or study to give an elegant touch. For fancier dining rooms or living rooms, one can also go for carved wood details and pair it with simple white furniture for maximum impact.

Want to know a little secret? If you don’t want to use real wood, you can create a wood-like texture with the faux bois method instead!


If you want to create texture on a wall, plaster is your best bet. Plaster is easy to shape and paint over giving us access to a variety of visuals. The most common look is a mottled, grainy look which can create contrast and break up the monotony in a room. You can also create edgier and cooler effects such as combs, swirls, and grooves. Our personal favourite is a hand-plastered effect that gives your home an original touch.


Decorative molding is a handy trick that helps cover up transitions between wall panels and between walls and ceilings. They are traditionally made out of wood, PVC, plaster of Paris, or gypsum and can be shaped in various ways. From stylish arches around doorways to dainty designs on doors to chic picture frame moldings – the options are endless. While ornate crown molding is often associated with older homes, contemporary luxury homes can also use simple moldings to add depth to its walls.


Tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They are easy to clean and maintain and simply ooze charm! Whether you are going for a Mediterranean feel with white and indigo tiles or a classic Indian look with clean granite tiles – tiles can do it all. You can go with durable and sophisticated marble slabs for a luxurious feel or earthy terra cotta tiles for a grounding ambience.

Exposed Brick and Stone

These are often considered rustic wall treatments but do not let that discourage you. The timeless appeal of exposed brick and stone fits right in with any contemporary luxury interior. You can leave them bare for an authentic look. Or paint it in white or a neutral shade for an elegant aesthetic or something colourful for a little more flair. The colours you choose can go a long way in affecting your mood. Learn more about the importance of colour schemes in luxury interior design here.

For more interior design tips and tricks, reach out to our friendly team of talented interior designers or drop us an email today!

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