Best Residential Interior Design Projects by Nitido Design

By Maria Dinshaw | Aug 2021

At Nitido Design, we believe the more we deal with a project as something personal, the more successful it becomes. This is why we love designing luxury residences. As one of the foremost residential interior designers in Mumbai, we have over a decade’s experience in designing luxury homes. A residential design is more than just a project for us. It is a space where families will live together, laugh together, and make memories together. We infuse our houses with heart and soul so that it comes alive when it becomes a home.

Here is a sneak peek into some of our best residential interior design projects

 Luxury Home in Wadala: A Cosmopolitan Haven

Urban homes are some of the trendiest spaces. The luxury home we designed in Wadala was no exception. Set in an affluent neighborhood, we envisioned this apartment to be a cosmopolitan haven. With warm wooden wall panels contrasted with cool marble floors, the interiors showcase high living at its best. For the furniture, we used subtle shades of beige in the upholstery and curtains to create a sense of peace. We added rich maroons, grey velvets, and gleaming bronze details to break the monotony.

Every home has a distinct personality. In this house we put up contemporary, abstract artwork and one of a kind sculptures. These brought out an undeniable cultured and sophisticated character in the space. Being a safe sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city, we incorporated softness into the home. With wavy lines on the wall, rounded curves in the lighting fixtures, and a special alcove for praying – we created a vital calm in the chaos.

Expansive Apartment in Juhu: A Minimalist Dream Home

As residential interior designers in Mumbai, we are adept in creating space in a city famous for its lack of it. When designing an expansive apartment in Juhu, we turned towards minimalism to create an airy and plush interior. In our minimalist approach, we worked with the architectural form of the house. We accentuated the existing space rather than cover it up. We loved the high ceilings of the home. We enhanced that feature by removing false ceilings and using low seating. The exposed ceiling with the bare brick walls gave a grounded, authentic feel to the space. The natural beauty of the coastal neighbourhood inspired our white, olive green, and dark wood colour scheme. This simple yet striking palette truly worked in perfect harmony.

We could not resist adding our signature twist in this minimalist dream home. Combining classic elements of minimalism with luxurious details created abundance even in simplicity. Everything from the grand main door with its dramatic grip to the clean, crisp furniture with cozy, velour fabrics has minimalist luxury all over it.

Ultra Luxury Villa in Qatar: Style meets substance

When it comes to luxury homes, we create an extravagant style with plenty of substance. Our Ultra Luxury Villa in Qatar is opulence at its best. Its luxury interiors have top quality marble floorings and walls, lustrous gold fittings, and tasteful chandeliers. With a base colour scheme of light grey, charcoal, and aegean blue highlighted with mustard yellow and houndstooth, the home gives off an aura of modern royalty. Moreover, the sumptuous interiors do not take away from its inviting ambience.

residential interior designer

With abundant and comfortable seating, the living room is the perfect place to welcome and entertain guests. For the children’s room and the nursery, we crafted a whimsical, free-spirited interior. We painted it with delightful pastel colours, added stars and cloud motifs into the design, and ensured enough space to run around and play.

Explore more Luxury Residential Interiors by Nitido Design!

“Luxury is when it seems flawless when you reach the right balance between all the elements. Understated theatricality – that is what luxury is all about.” We could not agree more with the famous luxury interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot.

Explore more luxury homes done by our exceptional team of residential interior designers, interior decorators, and architects based in Mumbai. Check out a Stylish Apartment in Lower Parel, an Exclusive Apartment in Pune, a Fashionable Bachelor Pad in Chembur, and many more!

Each of our residential projects are unique. Each house is designed around the people who will live there. With each room and each piece adding to its story. However, there is one common thread that runs through all of our projects. Each house is built with immense care and attention. Every detail is infused with love for the craft and the space. Because that’s what all homes need, that’s what your home deserves. 

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