A Minimalist Approach to Luxury Interior Design

By Maria Dinshaw | Aug 2021

Minimalism is one of the most influential design movements of the modern era. It involves stripping a design down to the bare essentials. Be it an urban penthouse or a sprawling farmhouse, a small studio apartment or a traditional bungalow – a minimalist interior design approach can work for a variety of spaces. A less is more approach can be dismissed as austere, empty, and strict. However, minimalism is quite the opposite. 

Minimalist interiors are crisp, clean, and clutter-free. They are all about enhancing the existing warmth and beauty of the architectural space. It is not the lack of something, but the perfect amount of it. Nitido Design is one of the leading luxury interior design firms in Mumbai. For us, designing minimal homes and lavish homes are not exclusive. Taking a minimalist approach in home design helps us create luxurious spaces that ooze elegance and grace.

Here is a look into our signature minimalist approach to luxury interior design

Minimalist Design: Focus on Essentials

We love minimalism because it allows us to focus on the essentials. Using an open floor plan, we like to accentuate the form of the house itself. When you strip down built spaces, most of them have clean, straight lines. This becomes the framework on which you can add on layers and elements. Minimalist interior design is about achieving better design by paring down lines, form, detail, decorations, lights, colors and materials. Since every piece in a minimalist interior design stands out, we prefer choosing elements that are simple yet striking. For furniture, we pick well-defined and compact pieces that often have multiple functions.

design elements

This helps optimize the space for functionality, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. A wooden bed frame with a sleek industrial finish, a set of sofa blocks that can form a coffee table, nesting tables that fit right into interior designs of small houses – minimalist furniture is all about quality over quantity. Because of its universal appeal, a minimalist interior never goes out of style.

Minimalist Palette: Colours for calm

Minimalism does lean towards a neutral palette, avoiding bold colours. But that still gives you a lot of range to play with. Go with a classic monochrome colour scheme and paint your home in whites, beiges, and greys. When putting together a space, these subtle shades form the perfect base. We like to highlight them with unconventional tones that are understated and tasteful. A cream and soft grey pairing simply lights up when teamed with a touch of forest green, giving you a natural and tranquil vibe. Sand and white shades with some light corals and sea greens creates a peaceful summer house aura all year long. Combining beige, dusty rose, and tan busts all those myths that say minimal shades cannot look warm and inviting. Creating charming colour combinations also applies to textures and materials. Contrast the cool grey of stone with the warmth of a brick red wall. Juxtapose the earthy tones of wood with bright, pastel woven textiles. Including different textures complements your colours and adds character to your luxury interiors.

Minimalist Decor: Design with intention

Designing with intention is a strong tenet of minimalist interior decor. Minimalism asks you to make room for things that matter. As luxury interior decorators, we like to use premium materials and items that are durable and high quality.

luxury interior decorators

This pushes us and the client to think about why we want something before we buy it. Infusing a sense of purpose into designing and decorating a home only makes us appreciate the space even more. Minimalism at its core is about removing anything that distracts you from the things you love. This is a guiding philosophy that we like to take with us in all our projects and into our lives.

Living with Minimalism: In luxury interior design and beyond

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, we put our personality and our soul into it. As we use and live in that space, its characteristics are bound to affect us. By having a clean and clutter-free house, we create a calm and soothing environment. We live in a busy and stimulating world, our home offers a safe haven from that.

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A minimalist luxury interior gives you the space to breathe and exist without burden or expectations. A functional and effective space helps you focus so that you can channel your energy into the things that matter to you. Live with minimalism and rejoice in the harmony around you.

Contact Nitido Design to find out how you can incorporate minimalism in your home. Declutter the space in your home and your mind! 

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