How to design a Rooftop Terrace?

By Maria Dinshaw | Oct 2021

A rooftop terrace can be a precious oasis in a noisy, bustling city. It can be a little corner to grow a lush garden. Or a place to entertain and kick back with friends and family. It is a valuable piece of real estate that holds a lot of potential to become one of the most beloved parts of a home. Do you have a rooftop space that you are looking to take to the next level? Nitido Design has your back!

Nitido Design is one of the top luxury interior design firms in India. Our team has designed a variety of rooftops that vary in aesthetic, function, and decor. From creating a restful space with ample greenery to a trendy rooftop with a barbeque – Nitido’s interior designers have excelled at all. Now, you can find out how! We have compiled their top tips for creating a stunning and luxurious rooftop terrace for you so read on!

Top Tips to Design a Rooftop Terrace

Think Living Room Design, but Outdoors

It helps to think of the rooftop terrace like a living room. You will need a focal point around which you can lay out adequate and comfortable seating. You can make the space warm and inviting by adding details such as pillows and rugs. Keep in mind to adapt all the living room furniture and decor for the outdoors. Get flooring that stops moisture from plants to seep through. Our favourites are stone, porcelain, tiles, and fake turf. Furniture can be of cane, wicker, wood, and metal depending on the weather where you live. Remember that any decor item that you choose needs to be weatherproof and waterproof.

Go Green

A rooftop garden elevates your terrace to a whole new level. Nature infuses a calming and refreshing energy into the space. There are so many ways to incorporate plants and shrubs that not only look good but also serve a purpose. Put up screens, fences, and lattices and grow vines and creepers on them. Bougainvilleas, golden pothos, and money plants are ideal choices as they are low maintenance and cover a lot of space quickly. Use them to block views of adjacent buildings and give yourself the added benefit of privacy.

Ensure your plants get enough sunlight and water. You can build a raised platform that allows you to have a drip irrigation system and showcase bright and stylish planters. Fill your pots with leafy shrubs with colorful flowers such as periwinkle, hibiscus, and lemon. Our favourite aromatics are lavender and rose for they grow well and leave a sweet fragrance. This adds one more pleasant layer to the ambience.

Play with contrasts

When it comes to luxury interior design, true beauty lies at the balance of cohesion and contrast. You need enough elements that work together, but you need some that step out of line to create variance. We like to play around with this, especially when it comes to rooftop terraces because you have outdoor elements to choose from. If you like a minimal aesthetic with clean edges and lines, we encourage you to add something with a curved or smooth edge. It could be a springy hammock, a curved swing, or round planters. When done in the right way, this will accentuate the clean lines and break the monotony.

Light and Shade

Installing the right lighting is an integral ingredient of the rooftop terrace. Lights can be as simple as stringing some fairy lights or putting up some paper lanterns. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can put up some sleek wall sconces angled upwards to wash the terrace with a soft glow. Those who are conscious about the environment, can experiment with solar powered lights. The rooftop is the best place to use them!

Playing with light also means ensuring there is enough shade. While artificial light allows you to use the rooftop during evenings, shade will allow you to use the terrace during the day. If you have the space, a gazebo or pergola helps create a sheltered space that protects you from the sun. For smaller spaces, even a shade sail or a large patio umbrella can create a comfortable hangout spot for you and your friends.

Use up Vertical Space

If you have a wall in your rooftop garden, do not let it go unused. You can use this space to put up a vertical herb garden or hang more flowering vines. You can plant common kitchen ingredients such as mint, lemongrass, and basil. It does not get any fresher than picking them off your own garden! You can also pare the wall down to show the exposed bricks. Or cover it up with a painted mural, outdoor wallpaper, or a tiled mosaic. The possibilities are endless!

Become an armchair interior designer with more articles from Nitido Design. Learn about the Best Interior Design Hacks of 2021 and the Different Materials used in Luxury Interior Design. Reach out to the team behind the top luxury interior design firms in India to know more inside tips for designing the perfect rooftop terrace!

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