How to Declutter your Interiors this Season

By Maria Dinshaw | Apr 2020

Benefits of de-cluttering – Your physical environment is an extension of your mind-space. Embracing minimalism has a positive impact on productivity and well-being. This is a key principle that the best interior designers in Mumbai always consider when planning a home. They will design your home to be easy to maintain and easy to clean. De-cluttering your physical environment has dramatic positive effects on your state of mind. You will feel lighter, more energized and generally more positive and calm. Once you have de-cluttered your interior, you will also have fewer things to organize, fewer things to clean and fewer things to think about. Cleaning can be a very time-consuming activity and when there are generally fewer things lying about the place, it makes cleaning much easier and quicker. This will free up a considerable amount of time that you can spend on activities that bring you joy, such as spending time in the garden, reading a book or going for a walk. A de-cluttered environment is also physically healthier. When things lie around they gather dust, which is unhealthy to have around you not to mention generally unpleasant. Also if there are a lot of things lying about, cleaning is more difficult and you will be that much less motivated to do it. Depending upon what you do with your clutter, it can also make you feel better about yourself. For example, if you donate your old clothes and books to a charity.


Is my home cluttered? – Though the answer to this may appear obvious, sometimes it may not be that obvious to someone who is accustomed to living in a cluttered environment. You can start by asking yourself this question and then cross-referencing your own space with a place that you always thought was very neat and tidy. It could be the home of a close friend, or a hotel that you once stayed at when on holiday. The best interior designers in India will ensure that their designs are un-cluttered and make you feel special. You could even consider calling a close friend over to give you an honest opinion.

Where do I start? – The best way to start the process of de-cluttering is to assess and plan. Consider all the areas of the space that need your attention and put together some large cardboard boxes and some large garbage bags. It is good practice to start at the corners or extremities of the space and move outwards towards the entrance. In the case of a multi-story home, it may be good to start and the top level and work your way down to the entrance.


Method – A good way to start the process is by making a list of spaces that need to be cleared out with the items in each space that need attention and then keep ticking them off as you proceed. Open cabinets and remove all the contents and lay them out on the bed or the floor. You can keep one box for donations, one box for trash. Except for winter clothing, if you haven’t used a clothing item for a few months, you can put it into the donation box. If its something that you no longer have use for such as old files, containers, makeup, electronics, etc you can put them into the trash box. If you feel that you will have no choice but to retain a bunch of items but do not have space to keep them, consider buying or building additional storage. Storage planning is something that the best interior designers know is most crucial and a great deal of attention is paid to this during the design phase of a project.


Using momentum – When de-cluttering your space tries and make use of momentum. Once you’re on a roll, it’s a good idea to keep going until you finish the job. Sometimes when you take a long break, it is like starting up all over again.

Organizing – Once you are done with the de-cluttering and cleaning exercise, it’s also a good time to organize things according to category. This makes it a lot easier to find something when you go out looking for it as opposed to turning your house inside out to find something that you know you have but can’t remember where. Proper organizing is something that interior designers always plan for when designing a space. This is to ensure that it remains easy to organize and easy to maintain.


Enjoy the process – Remember that when you make anything a habit, including clearing up, it helps to make it a little enjoyable and memorable. Try to feel the joy in reclaiming your space and feel the burden of the clutter being taken off your shoulders. Do a before and after the shoot. Take some pictures of the rooms and cabinets before you start and take some pictures after you are done cleaning them out. This will serve as motivation for you to keep going with the other spaces. Consider sharing the pictures with your friends and family as well.

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