Five ways to make your Rented House feel like Home

By Maria Dinshaw | Apr 2020

So you’ve just signed a new lease on an apartment/house. Now starts the process of converting it into a home. If you have a plan this can be an exciting DIY project for the whole family and a bonding activity as well. Try capitalizing on this opportunity as it only comes along once in a while. Here are some of the ways that you can make your rented house feel like your own home.

Clever Furniture Arrangements

Furniture is probably the most important addition to the house and gives you the opportunity to make the house feel comfortable and personal. Consider all of your existing furniture and which pieces if any you would like to re-use or re-furbish. It is also very important to consider the existing elements of the space such as the floor and wall finishes and general architectural style as these should match with the style of your furniture.

You can start by creating a furniture look book to go with your new apartment and then shortlist the pieces that you really like. Your look book could be made up of furniture pieces from furniture catalogs, furniture pieces from online vendors or from furniture designs that you have seen online, or a combination of these.

Use Your Walls

Once you have your furniture look book in place, its time to have a look at the walls. This is a great opportunity to add life to space. Depending upon your tastes and preferences you can select between a range of wall texture paints and exciting wallpapers. This is a great opportunity for the family to collaborate on the common areas and also to customize their own space.  Make sure to consult your landlord to make sure that you’re allowed to make these changes to the walls.  If not, select neutral wall paint shades to give a soothing backdrop to colourful art and accent furniture pieces.

Capitalize on Soft Furnishings

With furniture and wall treatments taken care of you can now turn your attention to the soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, fabrics and rugs. The soft furnishings truly give the home a lived-in and homely character. They also provide you with an opportunity of adding in some color if you so desire.

Add a Touch of Green

Plants are another way to bring life into your space and make it truly feel like a home. Remember to choose plants depending upon available light. They should also be proportionate in size to the space in which you intend to place them. A variety of lovely pots are also available and this should be considered keeping in mind the style and character of your home.

Get Creative with Lighting  

Lighting is a very important element of your house interior and sufficient attention must be paid here. Your home should be bright and well lit but the lighting must also be even and offer the options of direct, ambient and mood lighting. Lighting up your space well is a good investment and helps cheer things up. If direct light is insufficient you can consider adding new lights into your ceiling. If the ambient light is absent you can consider adding coves to your existing ceiling. Remember to add a chandelier above your dining table and also to add floor and wall lamps where possible. This will give your house a more customized and homely feel.

Artwork Makes a Big Statement

Your new furniture, modern wall treatments and lights have given your home a strong base. Your soft furnishings have added warmth to the space. Now its time to add some elegance to your home in the way of artworks. You can visit art galleries or even browse for prints online. Select artworks that are proportionate to the wall on which they will be hung and which complement the theme of your home.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Accessories for your home are the icing on the cake of the interior and should not be neglected. A well-accessorized home speaks volumes of the owners devotion to their home and their attention to details. Also, spending time browsing home stores with your family can be a fun and bonding exercise.

Personalize your Utility Areas

Depending upon how much time you spend there, your kitchen can be one of the most personal spaces in your home. If you cook a lot, then it would make sense to look into personalizing your kitchen to make it feel more like ‘your own’. You can change the backsplash to add some character though this may involve some breaking and civil work. Another option that you can consider is to change the shutters on the kitchen cabinets to something that you really love. You can also add some kitchen artwork, a writing board and some potted herbs that really makes the kitchen feel alive.

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