Importance of Colour Schemes in Luxury Interior Design

By Maria Dinshaw | Sep 2021

“We shape the house and then the house shapes us.”

As residential interior designers in India, we have seen this over and over again. The elements we use in our homes, the way we design the layout, the colours we include in our space – it all affects our mood and psychology.

Working in luxury interior design, we study the emotional and psychological connections to colour. Have you always wanted to know how colours affect your mind and how to use them in your home? Read on to for our handy guide to learn how, where, and why to use colours in your interiors!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Contemporary Colour Schemes

Warm Tones

For a warm toned colour scheme, we look to reds, oranges, and yellows. Colours such as brick red, burgundy, wine, tangerine, tan, and even, gold fall under this scheme. These shades are some of the most dynamic and vivid colours. Red signifies liveliness, energy, and vibrancy. It is also known to stimulate productivity and appetite. Brighter hues of red such as scarlet and vermillion create an aura of optimism and happiness. Deeper reds like crimson and wine paired with gold showcase luxury and wealth.

Orange creates a sense of enthusiasm, joy, and adventure. Yellow is the universal colour to design uplifting and happy spaces. These colours work well in living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways as they make a space feel inviting and invigorating. We like to use these tones on walls, rugs, table cloths, and curtains. Warm tones can make a tight place feel more claustrophobic, so use them wisely. We often combine it with a warm neutral shade such as cream or blush to give the eyes a place to rest.

Cool Tones

Cool tones are one of the most popular colour schemes in contemporary luxury interior design. Blues, purples, and greens create a relaxing and calming feeling. They can make a small room feel more spacious which is useful in designing interiors for small houses. Shades such as turquoise, teal, and navy blue are associated with trust and spirituality. A classic white and indigo combination is an easy way to create a beach house vibe all year long. Blue shades are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and prayer rooms as they allow you to slow down and find some inner peace. Purple symbolizes elegance and royalty. It is also known to spark creativity and inspiration. Novel shades such as magenta and plum are top choices for bedrooms for teenagers, art studios, and study areas. The colour of nature, green, brings in a sense of new beginnings. Paint your kitchen walls and cabinets with olive green or forest green for a sense of refreshment and good health.

Neutral Tones

Simple, understated and classy. Neutral tones are found in many contemporary homes. Shades such as beige, coffee, sand, white, and grey are used to establish a clean and fresh look. Often used in minimal interior design, these create a sense of functional luxury.

colour schemes of a residential house

We recommend these tones for areas in your home where you want fewer distractions such as home offices, living rooms, and prayer rooms.  They harmonize well with each other and make any space sophisticated and soothing. Your home is your oasis of tranquility in a bustling world. A dependable neutral colour scheme is perfect to ease your mind and body.

Pastel Tones

Who doesn’t love a cheerful pastel colour scheme? Pastel tones give you a wide range of colours to choose – lilac, coral, sky blue, sea green, and so many more.

colour schemes for commercial space

These shades are tied to security, youthfulness, and tenderness. For bedrooms for older kids and young adults, go with a trendy peach and dusty rose colour scheme that matches their free-spirited personality. Paint your nursery with baby blue, pea green, and salmon pink and make your little one feel safe and happy. Create an ambience of friendliness anywhere in your home with these gorgeous, lively colours.

What is the ideal colour scheme for your home?

Want to know a secret? There isn’t one!

No specific colour scheme will work everywhere in your home. A well-designed home mixes and matches different shades from different colour schemes to create the perfect palette. The right interior designers will help you create a scheme that is balanced, natural, and nuanced – just like you!

Choosing a colour scheme can be a fun and daunting task. Get the expert opinions of the best residential interior designers in India and reach out to Nitido Design today!

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