Choosing the Right Finish for Your Kitchen Cabinets

By Kaizad Dinshaw | Jun 2019

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen interior design ideas, today’s markets are flooded with a dizzying array of choices of different materials, shades and designs.  How do you choose which is right for you? Luckily, no matter your taste or budget, there are many options available. Popular choices for interior designers in Mumbai are laminates, lacquer and glass though solid woods, steel and stone veneers are also used for a luxurious look.  By understanding your own unique requirements and balancing your tastes and budgets, your designer can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Let’s take a look at the most popular options.


Laminate is by far the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets.  It is a factory-made product that comes in sheets ranging from 0.8 to 1mm thickness. These sheets are applied to a substrate board such as plywood, HDF or MDF.  Laminates are available in and wide variety of solid colours, and prints resembling natural materials like wood, stone, and fabric. Although often associated with affordability, high-end kitchen brands often use laminate finishes in inspiring ways.  


Lacquer is essentially a spray coating. It consists of several layers including a sealing primer, lacquer paint and a clear coat. This is a time and labour intensive process and is also more expensive than many other finishes.  When factory-made it gives a smooth and luxurious finish which also works great with vibrant colours for a modern kitchen interior design.


The glass used for kitchen cabinets is usually frosted or more commonly back painted glass. Back painted glass is glass that has been factory painted on one side. The glass retains its gloss on one side but is now seen as a solid color.

Choosing the right Glass - Nitido Design Blog

Solid wood

Solid wood refers to real natural wood that has been seasoned and treated for home use.  Many species and colours are available from leading brands.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are available in plain steel finish, metallic shades, and color painted options.  The steel base should be either 304 or 316 rated stainless steel.

Stone veneer

For a kitchen, this refers to a flexible stone veneer. This is a new age and technologically advanced product that is essentially comprised of a thin layer of resin-impregnated natural stone on a paper base.


Now that we’re well versed with the most common available finishes (luxury kitchen brands have more options of exclusive cabinetry finishes) let’s compare their properties.

The finish you choose would depend on your tastes, your sense of style, the end-user as well as your budgets. You should discuss all of these parameters with your interior designer before deciding which finish to opt for.

Laminates are by far the most popular choice of finish for kitchen interior design in the Indian market. They are easy to maintain, cost-effective and are available in a wide variety of designs from wood grains to solid colors. Though they are considered to be the least premium option of the finishes, they retain their popularity on account of their practicality. Choose this option when your primary concern is practicality, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Lacquered cabinet finishes are a more premium option and work very well to achieve an up market and contemporary look to the kitchen. This option however is considerably more expensive that some other finishes. Choose this finish when you use the kitchen yourself and are willing to spend an additional sum for the premium look of lacquer.

Glass finished cabinets are also a popular option when going for a more modern kitchen interior design. Glass cabinets are easy to clean but it is safer to use for overhead cabinets. Choose this option to break the monotony in your kitchen and add a little glamour at a reasonable price.

Solid wood, steel, and stone veneer are more niche options.  These are great for a wow effect. If you want your kitchen to stand out and be the envy of all your friends, choose any of these finishes.

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