Best Interior Design Hacks For 2021

By Maria Dinshaw | Oct 2021

Our homes are our castles. We deserve to treat ourselves by creating a home that is cozy and decadent. If you are wondering how to do that without breaking the bank, you are in the right place! Nitido Design has been working in luxury interior design for residential houses for decades. During this time, we learned a trick or two on how to make a home more luxurious. Read on to find out our go to luxury interior design hacks!

Here are our best interior design hacks to add a little luxury in your home

Create illusions in your interiors

When we imagine a luxury home, the picture that comes to mind is of space. It might not always be possible to create new space in your home. But, there are ways to introduce the idea of space in your home. Ideally, without having to knock down any walls. The secret is to trick the eye. If you have a beautiful eye-catching painting in your home, hang it a little higher than you normally would. If you have gorgeous embroidered curtains, place the curtain rod a couple inches above your window. This creates the illusion of a taller space.

Place a mirror next to your windows. This not only increases the light coming into your home, but also captures an image of the outdoors. Your mirrors create an illusion of another window. Reflective decor such as mirrors, metals, and glazed surfaces are an easy and affordable way to fashion a larger space. This is a great interior design for small houses. Read more of our luxury design ideas for small houses.

 Dive into the rich world of textures

When designing a luxury space, think of all your senses. Many interior designers overlook the importance of touch in creating an ambience of a luxury residential house. Incorporate top quality fabrics and textiles such as silk, satin, wool, and velvet into your interior design.

Best interior design hacks for 2021

Imagine digging your feet into a soft and colourful woollen rug at the end of a long day at work. This rug can be a relaxing sensation and a pivotal decor piece for your living room. Go all out and layer luxurious textiles for optimal effect. Place a cozy fleece blanket on Egyptian cotton silk bed sheets. Top it with large cushions with velvet covers and tassels. Combine different fabrics and create a holistic, soothing tactile experience in your home.

Layer your Lighting

Layering fabrics is an easy way to create an indulgent feel. Why not do this for the eyes too? Layering lighting creates a decadent visual experience in our interiors. Create a visible synergized effect in your home by using different types of lighting devices. Think of the lights like various colours in a painting. Your paint set consists of overhead lights, wall lights, lamps, scones, and aromatic candles. Use them to highlight your home’s best angles and lighten up dark spaces. Work them all together to portray a warm and reassuring interior.

Go vintage for decor

Not every luxury decor item needs to be expensive. Get innovative with it. Look for vintage and heirloom pieces in thrift stores, online markets, and second-hand shops. You never know what you might find! A stunning cuckoo clock made of wood, vintage dresser with carved legs, gold plated photo frames, or perhaps a porcelain tea kettle. Vintage decor items carry fascinating details and a legacy that simply cannot be recreated by generic furniture and decor companies. Your home will look so much more unique with ample antique decorative pieces. Feel the thrill of finding a collector’s item for yourself!

Embrace Colour Theory

The colours we paint our space in has a direct effect on our mood and psychology. Create sophisticated visuals in your home by embracing colour theory. Cool and neutral tones are one of the most popular colour schemes for the interior design of luxury residential houses.

Best interior design hacks for 2021

This is because blues, purples, and greens create a restful and serene feeling. Shades such as beige, coffee, sand, white, and grey establish a clean and fresh look. Pastel tones such as  lilac, coral, baby blue, and pea green create an aura of conviviality. These colours work well with each other and when used cleverly, can elevate any space. Mix and match different shades from different colour schemes to create a perfect, nuanced palette. 

We believe that the best kind of luxury is peace. So, make your home into an oasis of tranquility in today’s busy world with the right colours. If you liked learning about colours and psychology, check out our full article on colour theory here. Learn how to harness the power of colours in your home’s luxury interior design.

These are some of our easy to try interior design hacks for 2021. We have so many more tips and tricks up our sleeve. Our team of talented interior designers have different design tricks for small houses, city apartments, country homes, and more!. Reach out to us today to find out the right luxury interior design hacks for your home!

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