A Clutter Free Wardrobe in 3 Easy Steps

By Maria Dinshaw | Jun 2019

A Clutter Free Wardrobe in 3 Easy Steps

Living in compact urban apartments teaches you how to organize.  When Kaizad and I got married, we lived (very happily) in a tiny 600 square foot 1BHK nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Mount Mary, Bandra.  It was a wonderful time. We were focused on work, growing the firm, and the home functioned like a well-oiled machine to take care of our needs and drive us forward.

In order to have it function smoothly, we had to be very organized and selective in our purchases.  One 7 foot wide wardrobe was all that could fit in the bedroom and we had to make it work. With meticulous planning and smart storage systems, we were able to have everything we needed in there.  I’d like to share some of these interior design ideas with you here.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

This is an important step.  It feels difficult at first, but once you get into the habit of discarding things that no longer give you joy, it lifts a huge weight off your shoulders.  How to go about this:

  1. First, remove everything from your wardrobe and lay it out in the room.  If you have clothes stored in other parts of the house, bring them here so that you get an overall view of all your belongings. 
  2. Separate the items into two categories – items you love and items you don’t love.  If an item of clothing doesn’t give you joy when you wear it or doesn’t fit well, or you’re just tired of it – let it go.  You should only keep the items which give you joy. That way, when you go to pick out an outfit in the morning, you’ll feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction that you have so many beautiful items. 
  3. Once you have removed the unnecessary, separate your daily wear from seasonal outfits and fancy wear – these can be stored separately so they don’t take up prime closet real estate.

Use different Storage Methods

You may have a preference in how you store different items.  I love to hang everything – t-shirts, trousers, dresses. Basically, the more hanging space I get the better.  The way I see it, hanging items is the easiest way to keeps the closet neat. For items which cannot be hung, baskets are a lifesaver.  Use baskets to separate items within drawers and on shelves. This way, each type of item will have its own place and will not get mixed up with other categories.

Organizing the Sections:

Although the basic principles are the same, I would suggest having a slightly different organisation method for men’s and ladies’ clothes.  A woman’s wardrobe will have a lot more variety and thus more divisions between items. This section we’ve divided into closet interior design ideas for men and women.

Closet Interior Design For Ladies

In the hanging section, start from the left and hang all items in the following order: Jackets, cardigans and sweaters, long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved tops, sleeveless tops. 

Have a separate hanging section for skirts and trousers and another section for dresses.  Coats and seasonal wear can be hung in a guest closet or put in storage bags.

In the drawers or shelves, have separate compartments or baskets for intimates, socks, scarves, fitness clothing, sleep ware and any other items which are not being hung.  A slim drawer for accessories is also very useful.

Separate all shoes into heels, flats, and sports shoes.  Keep them clustered in the shoe section. Bags are a little tricky.  Depending on the quantity and size of the items, you’ll need to have different storage methods.  Large bags can be stacked on a shelf or hung on hooks. Small purses and clutches are best kept in a drawer or basket.

Closet Interior Design For Men:

In the hanging section, start from the left and hang all items in the following order: jackets, blazers, formal shirts, casual shirts, T-shirts.  Fancy ware and seasonal items can be stored separately.

Use the shelving sections to divide trousers, jeans, and fitness clothing.  Keep a few drawers for intimates, socks and accessories.

Shoes can be divided into formal, casual, and sports. 

Important: Do not put unironed or unfolded clothes back into your wardrobe.  Have a separate place for freshly washed clothes where they can be kept until ironing.  That way you’ll know that all the clothes in your wardrobe are ready to wear.

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