7 Ways to Make a Statement in Your Kitchen

By Maria Dinshaw | Jun 2019

7 Ways to Make a Statement in Your Kitchen

Whether you want to create an inspiring space for the cooking enthusiast or just a hardy workspace for daily meals, there’s a lot that goes into modern kitchen interior design.  Utility and durability is the first consideration.  You want your kitchen to last! But when it comes to designing a kitchen that not only works, but inspires you to explore cooking as an art form, you need to expand the vision of what a kitchen can become. 


Using innovative hardware kills two birds with one stone – it enhances functionality and elevates to look of your kitchen.  Special fittings can be expensive, but the joy they bring to your kitchen is well worth the added cost. Unique kitchen hardware fittings are available from brands like Hettich, Haefele, Ebco, Grass, and Blum.  Modular kitchen brands also offer a nearly unlimited array of hardware fittings that integrate seamlessly into their cabinetry designs.


The upper and lower cabinets occupy the majority of the wall space in the kitchen.  It’s crucial to keep the cabinet finishes subtle so that they don’t overpower the entire composition.  In order to make a statement with the cabinets, use unique and innovative materials in neutral tones. Some of our favourites include stone veneer and stainless steel. Visiting high-end showrooms is a great way to get more kitchen interior design ideas.

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Choosing the right countertops is critical for the durability and longevity of your kitchen.  The most common are granites and quartz (artificial granite), but if you really want to make a statement, Caesarstone offers some of the most luxurious countertop options which are entirely stain proof.  With their products, you can get the look of exotic marble without the maintenance issues.


If you want to add some colour to your kitchen interior design, the dado (or backsplash) is perfect for doing so.  Using colour on the cabinets is outdated and can feel overwhelming, but adding a splash of colour to your dado tile is a great way to break the monotony.  Mosaics, geometric tiles, and even back-painted glass are excellent materials. For a luxury look, metallic finishes on the dado can add a polished touch to the overall design.


You can’t have a luxury kitchen without the best appliances.  Top-of-the-line appliances transform the functionality of your kitchen and should be selected at the beginning of the design process.  Every time we visit a kitchen showroom, we are amazed at the innovation and new features available. Miele is constantly pushing the limits of what an appliance can do.  If you’re less adventurous, Siemens is a tried and tested brand that lasts.

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This is an element which is often overlooked, but it’s a great way to revive a dull kitchen.  A few pieces of beautiful crockery displayed on open shelving or behind glass cabinets can transform the look of your kitchen.  Le Creuset has an incredible collection of high quality cookware in vibrant colours.


Flooring as an accent element works well with Scandinavian and Industrial interior design styles.  Patterned tiles are great for adding a trendy and eclectic touch. If you choose to keep a busy floor, make sure the rest of the elements are subtle to avoid a visually cluttered look. 

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